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Name: Domain Registration Service & SEO Company



  • Prices Range From $66.00 To $549.00

Owners: Unknown

Training: No

Support: No

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Domain Registration Service & SEO Company Overview

Domain Registration Service & SEO Company claims to want to help users optimize their website for search engines. They have created a software program that will enhance your website to attract more organic traffic and generate more sales.


The Good & the Bad


The Good:

There is nothing good about their services.  It is clearly a scam.  They want to collect emails and most likely steal valuable information.


The Bad:

When you visit their website, you see a short introduction to what they do.  A graph of their prices and services. Nothing more.


Is Domain Registration Service & SEO Company You?

This product was created for inexperienced website owners.  There are no positive intentions.


Tools & Training

There are no tool descriptions.  No training.



There is contact page to submit your email address and your message.  They do not offer any support.



Overly Priced Service


Final Opinion

For new and inexperienced website owners, this may seem like a great opportunity.  Unfortunately, this is nothing but a phishing scam.  They send out spam e-mails to domain name owners.  In these e-mails, they advise users that their domain name will expire soon.

They want website owners to transfer and register their domains under their highly priced services.  The prices are incredibly high.  Almost 5 times higher than average domain renewals.

So I have created this review with the purpose of helping new and inexperienced website owners to avoid this type of scams.  There are great websites on the internet that will not only let you have your own domain main, hosting, and ever essential tool and service for your website, but also help you distinguish scams from legit services.



Check out my #1 Recommended site here if you haven’t already.


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