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Name: Make Money From Home Lions Clubs


Price: Join For Free

Owners: Mike Omar

Training: Yes

Support: Yes

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  • The Good & The Bad
  • Is Make Money From Home Lions Clubs For You?
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Make Money From Home Lions Club – Overview

When I began exploring the internet and the possibilities.  I came across several people claiming to make enough money online to drop their daily jobs.  How is this even possible? I asked myself.  I was still a bit skeptical, though.

I browsed around.  Searching for more information on how to make money online. But all I found were scams. Programs designed to just take my hard earned money. I became frustrated but I did not give up my search.  I have come this far in.  I have learned to identify scams.  I knew there was something more to this online world.

And I wanted in.

Make Money From Home Lions Club

My search came to an end when I finally ran into Make Money From Home Lions Clubs.  I knew I was in the right place.  I knew I had found what I had been looking for.  Make Money From Home Lions Club introduced me to all the steps to online marketing.  To all the steps to create a website easy and fast..

But it did not stop there.  Little did I know there was a lot more to come!…

Right off the bat.  Mike Omar claims his information is free. By nature I thought, is this another scam?  Is it even worth the time and/or money?   In this review, I will give you an in-depth detailed review based on my personal experience.


The Good & the Bad


The Good:


  • The information is free
  • The training videos are easy to follow and free
  • Introduces you to available affiliate programs and how to monetize from them


The Bad:


  • Only support you get is from Mike Omer, founder, and it may take several days or weeks to receive support
  • Mike uses several tools which you have to pay for to use as well.


Is Make Money From Home Lions Clubs You?


Information regarding “who” the audience the product is targeted at and who will benefit from the product


Tools & Training

The training tutorials & videos are easy to follow if you know what you are getting into.  Mike recommends many tools which you will have to pay for.  Most are expensive.  He explains each too.
You can access his training on his website  You can access his videos on youtube.

There is also training/lessons on Udacity.

He also has a couple of great books which you can find on either Clickbank Click Here! or amazon



You can find support within the comment sections of each platform.  You can email Mike.  But you may have to wait days or weeks for a response.  You may as well use google to find your own answers and hope for the best.



The training, the lessons, the information is completely 100% free.  There is no sign-up fee.


Final Opinion

Overall, Mike Omar has great intentions.  He is doing a great service for anyone interested in online business.  He wants you to be successful on this journey.  Will teach you the ways and anything you need to know to create a successful business online.  The problem is, this program is very limiting. There is a lack of support. Lack of a community, the lack of feeling motivated to continue.



Let me introduce you to a much better place…Wealthy Affiliate

There is another great place where you can learn.  Feel motivated.  Be a part of a community of thousands of members and growing!  Wealthy Affiliate.  Where you will use everything you learned from Omar and take off.  Using state of the art tool provided to you for free. 24/7 live support.  And even the co-founders, Kyle & Carson, are actively interacting with you.  Guiding you step by step of the process to create your online business.


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If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them below in the comment area!

Look forward to working together!

Thank you!


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