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What Is A Niche?

In the most basic sense, a Niche is a group of people.  A group of consumers!  The smaller part of a bigger market.

People from all over the world are online day and night.  Searching, reading and buying products or services.  A Niche can vary from one person to a group of 5,000+ people from around the world.  Buying the same product online.

Imagine if that was your product or service being sold day and night.

Remember, there are more than 2 billion people online day and night. And that number is growing!

“But I don’t have a product or service of my own! :(“

Don’t worry.  That is not a problem.

This is why we are going to choose a niche. We are going to choose an “interest” we can expand in.  A Niche where we are going to help those who visit our site looking for answers to their problems.

Here, we can promote products or services from other businesses or from other people.

And earn sweet commissions.  Day and night!

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But the key to choosing a niche, an interest, is to be very specific.

It is like:

Walking into a Supermarket looking for help in nutrition.

A Supermarket sells all types of products and services. So you will receive all types of answers telling you what to do and/or buy. You will become overwhelmed and not buy anything after all.

Eventually, you will just walk out and never come back.

The obvious thing to do next is to go to the nutritionist.  There, he or she will recommend specific products or services which you will end up buying and using.

Same goes with any interest you choose to talk about on your website.  You need to know about it.  You are going to help those coming to your site looking for answers. They will eventually buy the product or service you refer them to.

There are thousands of products and services for any Niche!

When you start thinking about it, you realize the vast World of Niches.  Choosing one does not have to be complicated.

Just choose something you know a lot about.

  • An interest.
  • A passion.
  • A hobby.
  • A craft.
  • Something you love talking about and would like to help others know about.

Mine is about helping everyone start their online business.  I want you and everyone to succeed online.

Do you want to know more about Niches?  Or how to choose yours? Read more about it here.

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