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Owners: Tim and Eileen Barber

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Clickbank Overview

Clickbank is the leading digital retailer with over 3,000 people actively searching for on google, and that number only seems to grow!

There are two sides to Clickbank, for Vendors who want to make money selling their product. And Affiliates Marketers, who want to make great commissions promoting other people’s products.


The Good & the Bad


The good

  • Anybody can sign up. Either as a Vendor or as an Affiliate
  • A wide variety of products to promote
  • No limits on selling and/or promoting products


The Bad

  • Before you receive any commission, you have to make a minimum of 5 sales either as an Affiliate or Vendor.
  • You have to be consistent with your sales.  If there are no sales after a while, there are fees.  But these fees apply only if you have made money from previous sales.  Thes fees won’t apply if your account is at $0.00.
  • Do research on the product you want to promote first.  Unfortunately, there will be people trying to take advantage of situations.
  • Since this is the largest digital marketplace for anybody, it will attract scammers as well so be careful and do your research first.


Is Clickbank For You?

Anybody can benefit from this product.  If you are:

  • New to the Affiliate Marketing game, this is a great place to start learning marketing and niche research.
  • If you are an experienced marketer, here you will have thousands of products and niches to choose from.
  • If you want to sell a product to thousands of consumers.

Clickbank is for anybody


Tools & Training

There is training for Vendors and Affiliate Marketers.

  • Vendor:

As a Vendor, you will be able to sell your product on The Marketplace. Where your product is available to thousands of consumers and affiliate marketers.

All you will have to do is set up your account as a Vendor. Set up your sales page, list your product and it will be immediately available for consumers and affiliate marketers.

It is a great way to sell your digital products. Whether it is an ebook, software, downloadable online programs/services or resources, or online membership to specific sites.

  •  Affiliate Marketer

As an affiliate Marketer, you will have the chance to promote thousands of digitals products from The Marketplace. The reason Clickbank is popular is because that you get the highest commission for every sale you make.  Clickbank is the only place known to offer 50% up to 75% commission per sale.

There are over 1,000 ways to promote thousands of products. There are video tutorials on this platform dedicated to teaching you the ways to create a successful sale!

  • The Marketplace

In this busy Marketplace, you have access to all the products found in virtually any niche you can think of.

If you have no experience selling, there is training for Vendors and as well as for Affiliates.

It is also a good idea to do research on your niche before you start creating content for a product. You do not want to spend time promoting a product that never converts.




Description of the pricing, the levels of pricing, structuring, upsells, etc




The support offered with the product. Is there a community, forum, personal support, do the owners support it.


Final Opinion

Clickbank. A great place to start Selling products or learning more about Affiliate Marketing. There are thousands of products to choose from. Or you have thousands of customers looking for products to buy, day and night.

Clickbank has been evolving since 1998 to bring us the best virtual products, or the easiest and fastest ways to sell our products.

In my personal opinion, Clickbank has, by far, the best marketplace online. Yes, there is some caution to be taken with a products or services you may want to buy. The same caution you would take with anything else online. But if you are looking for the latest products, Clickbank is the place.

Yes, there is some caution to be taken with a products or services you may want to buy. The same caution you would take with anything else online as you submit your personal information. But if you are looking for the latest products, Clickbank is the place.

Now, if you are looking to make money either as a Vendor or an Affiliate, you need to.




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