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Build Your Website Today!

Having your own website has become an important asset. Especially when it comes to earning extra money on the side.

A website allows you to communicate with thousands of people every day, helping them find a solution, or simply sharing information on products based on your interests.

This is where Affiliate Marketing comes in, allowing you to earn great commissions by selling products or services from other businesses or individuals.

And the best of all, you can get started for Free! Building your own website is as easy as making a few clicks. All under 30 seconds!

Thanks to Content Management Systems (CMS) programs like WordPress, building a website only takes seconds. It doesn’t require much else. Not even a credit card’s information. Only an interest in earning money from home.

Below is a video created by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate, which shows us how simple it is to build a website

Build Your Website Today
CIick Here to Watch Video: How to build a website under 30 seconds!

Ready to build your website?

You can build your website right now and follow along Kyle’s video walkthrough above. Just type in your Domain Name below in the box below and check to see if it is available.

As you go over to SiteRubix, you’ll be asked to create a free account. Just go right ahead and fill it out with your information!


Or you can follow along here below. Just follow along each section. You should have your website ready by the end of this article.

We will start off with:

  • Choosing a Domain Name for your website
  • Inside Wealthy Affiliate
  • Access WordPress

Choose a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?
Click Here to Register Your Domain Name and Get Started!

A Domain Name is the name of your website, the URL.  For example, mine is Choose a Domain Name that is going to be relevant to the “theme” of your website, or a Niche you are going to target. This way, when your website is found in Google, people will know what it may be about.

Once you have chosen your website’s name, you’ll be asked to create an account. Continue filling it out and follow each step. 


Inside Wealthy Affiliate


What is Wealthy Affiliate? and Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

[continue here]



And last, but not done…

This is where you choose the look of your website.  Now, you have over 1,500 beautiful themes to choose from.  Your site is not going to look simple and cheap. Your website is going to look beautiful, professional, and easy on the eyes for everyone else.

*On a premium account at Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to 2,000+ themes.  Beautiful and professional themes to choose from.*

I recommend you choose a clean theme.  A theme with a white background and great dark and bold texts.  Most people find it easier to read and it is easy on the eyes.  But that depends on what you want to do on your site.

On this last page, you are ready to start building your website.


On this page, you will see your information. Your login name and password.  You can change them later to whatever username and password you want.

You can log into your website’s back-end office, where you can start typing, adding images and links.  Basically, this is where the creation of your site goes on.  You have access to your website’s dashboard.  The editor, pages, appearance, plugins and so many other features to optimize your website.


Getting Started

So far so good!  Right?

Now, you may be wondering,

“I have a Niche in mind, a Domain Name, and a Website up and ready to make money!  What now?!

Well, it doesn’t stop there!  That was just a warm up!

For most people, it may be complicated so far.  Some may even quit mid-way.  If you are still with me, I want to let you know something:

You were made for success!

Yes, you may not know what to do next.  But, this is where it gets better and fun!

You have already created an account.  You have a website ready for success.  And you have access to lessons on how to monetize your website.

Free Lessons.  Free Training on how to build your website to make money.

Just click on the green button to your left side of your screen, “Get Started Here”

There, you will find 10 lessons on how to start making money with your website. You will find training on creating great and useful content for your readers. You will find training on essential skills to build you online business.

And the best of all, you will not be alone!

You will be interacting with a large community of like-mind individuals who will support you day and night.

If you are not sure what Wealthy Affiliate is, You can Read My Full Review Here!

So let’s continue on building up your website!



Need Help With Your Website? Do You Wish To Have Your Own Website or Blog But Don’t Have The Time?

Let me Help!

If you need help with anything I have discussed here, just ask!  You can find me at Wealthy Affiliate!

Here is the link to my personal profile


Send me an email at


Leave a comment below with any questions. I am happy to help you with anything!

Thank your for your time.



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    1. Hey, Andrew.
      Great question.
      Yes, it is possible to have a coach. You may have also noticed I mention Wealthy Affiliate in this blog. Over at Wealthy Affiliate, you have coaches from all levels of experience ready to help at any time. There is a great 24 / 7 live chat where you can hang out and ask questions and your very own personal profile. Also, as you create your free account I will receive a notification to welcome you right away and help you get started. So there should not be any doubt, you will be helped, trained, and directed towards your own goals.
      Thanks for stopping by, Andrew.
      I hope I was able to answer your question. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
      Good luck!

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